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Archery Depot  not only carries high quality bows and archery equipment, but also muzzleloaders and the accompanying equipment!  We carry America’s #1 Muzzleloader brand, CVA for all of our muzzleloaders.

Optima V2 .50 Caliber Stainless Steel Black Stock Fiber Optic Sights Muzzleloader Rifle

Other accessories include:

  • Powerbelt Copper .50 Cal Aerotip Bullets
  • Thompson/Center Maxi-Hunter .50 Cal Bullets
  • Traditions Soft Touch Quick Loader
  • Thompson/Center 4-N-1 Quick Shot
  • Powerbelt Bullet Starter
  • Thompson/Center Hunter’s Powder Measure
  • Thompson/Center Inline Nipple pick
  • CVA
    • Cylinder Flask Field Model
    • Shotgun primer, capper, and extraction tool
    • Breech Brush Set
    • .50 Cal Cleaning Jag
    • Patch Puller
    • .50 Cal Nylon Cleaning Brush
    • Breech Cleaners
    • Cleaning Patches
  • Thompson/Center Bore Butter
  • Hoppe’s Black Powder Gun Bore Cleaner and Patch Lubricant
  • CCI 209 Shotshell Primers
  • Hodgdon Muzzleloading Propellant


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